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Tournament/Event Director Details

The tournament director simply clicks the
"JOIN" link on our Home Page to enter his or her tournament data our data base. Then simply pay us your $19.95 via PayPal or send a check for $9.95  to:

Larry Pinkowski
792 Grand Rapids Blvd.
Naples, FL 34120

Once your payment is acknowledged, your tournament will be activated immediately and teams can signup for your tournament instantly through this site.

Upon activation, the system will send you an acknowledgement e-mail which will contain an ID and Password. This ID and Password, entered on the left side of our Home Page, will then allow you to gain access to your tournament, edit your tournament details, and monitor those teams that register.

Each time a new team registers, the system will send you an e-mail notification of such of activity. You will be able to view team registration forms exactly as they were entered. There is even a Report Button for your tournament to assist in administration functions.

There is HELP on each of the form pages defining each field to be filled.


Along with monitoring and watching your tournament fill up, our system will allow you to turn off registration whenever you like. On your tournament detail page there are fields that allow you select when your tourney is totally full OR when a specific age group is filled. When these fields are set to "Yes", the system will no longer accept registrations for those categories.

Do you have your own site for team registration? Our system will list your tournament or event here, then when a team selects to register, they will be sent to your site. This Field is called "Register at another site?". When set to "Yes" and a URL entered, registrants will automatically be re-routed.

If you have a specific tournament website or your organization has a website that describes your tournament or event with more detail, you can also enter that. Potential registrants can view that information quickly and easily by clicking on the URL you provide. They will not lose the registration page of Tournament Registrations.com, a new window will open.

 Based on team e-mail addresses that are supplied, tournament directors have the ability to Mass E-mail those teams that have already signed up.

Within the list of teams that have registered for you tournament, you also have the ability to sort that list based on a column header (column title). For example; if you want to sort the list by team name, rather the the default, simply click on Team Name. If you want to sort by age group, click on that column name.

To edit a team's registration, just click on the specific team name.

If you need to contact all of those that have registered, you can Mass E-Mail them, quickly and simply. The same message will be sent to all teams that have registered.

Within each teams registration record, we have built in 5 additional miscellaneous fields for you to use as necessary. One of which is denoted as a Paid Amount field where you can enter the amount paid by the team to keep track of your income. The other 4 fields are for you to use any way you want. The system will not alter these 5 fields after you have entered something into them.

2 months after the completion of your tournament or event, your tournament will be permanently removed from the registration system. It is strongly recommended that during the 2 month period, you print a hard copy of the teams that participated and the tournament information supplied.

Team Registration Details
Teams, select a state from the list of states where you are from or where you intend on traveling to.

Then select the type of tournament or event you're interested in participating.

Click the Get Tournaments button and you should be presented with a list of tournaments based on the selections you chose.

If the system comes back with an error message stating there are no tournaments in the state selected. You should contact that tournament and tell the director to post their tourney on this website.

Once you are presented with a list of tournaments in the categories you chose, you can then click on the tournament or event name to see the details for that event.

From the tournament detail page, you can click the Register button at the bottom of the page.

After filling out the registration form, click the Submit button. The registration form will be submitted to the tournament director and you will be notified by e-mail that the form was accepted and what to do next.

In order to keep costs at a bare minimum, this system or the tournaments posted here will not accept credit cards as payment. You must send a check directly to the tournament director.

In most cases the tournament director will notify you when they receive payment and that your team has officially been accepted.

Tournament Registrations.com accepts no liability for individual tournaments, their finances, or their administration.


Once your tournament is registered for on-line team registrations, you should consider TeamScoring.com's game day app for your event. This web based app will make the administrative side of your tournament a breeze and really impress your teams and coaches. On-line scoring, standings, rankings and team advancement is handled quickly and efficiently with web pages that anyone can view on a smart phone, laptop or PC.

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